July 15, 2020

Work from home hassle. How to keep you electric bill down this summer.

Work from home hassle. How to keep you electric bill down this summer.

TUCSON – People are working from home now more than ever. Since cooling costs account for 16 to 20% of electric bills, how can you keep your electric bill down during the summer months?

“The first thing you should do is always change your AC filter regularly or as recommended by the manufacture,” said Sherri Cadeaux, a Senior Corporate Communications Specialist for Tucson Electric Power.

You can also caulk around windows and using ceiling fans to circulate the air. But, make sure those fans are circulating counter-clockwise so they pull warm air up and away from you.

“It’s really important to close your blinds and your shades and your window treatments during the day,” Cadeaux said. ” That’s going to help keep your home much cooler by keeping the radiant heat out from the sun.”

Tucson Electric Power also told News 4 Tucson that the ideal temperature to have your thermostat on in Southern Arizona during the summer is 78.

For those who live in Douglas, Ajo and San Manuel, Arizona Public Service Electric (APS) in a statement said quote: “Customers don’t need to compromise staying cool and comfortable to manage their electric bills. Make sure you’re on the right plan with APS and take their energy analyzer survey to find customized savings.”

Tucson Electric Power is offering payment extensions, payment plans and waving late fees to provide some relief for electric bills right now.

Visit www.tep.com/residential-energy-saving-tips/ to learn more about keeping your electricity bill down this summer.

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