October 15, 2020

Why focus on electric cars when hydrogen is an option?

Why focus on electric cars when hydrogen is an option?

Q: Why just focus on electric cars? How about hydrogen cars? This seems like a better way to go, especially for a long trip. You just stop, fill up and keep going.

Marty Zankich Cupertino

A: Hydrogen vehicles could be a terrific alternative if Gov. Gavin Newsom’s executive order banning sales in California of new gas-powered vehicles becomes a reality in 2035. Hydrogen is available at about 45 gas stations now, with 15 more in development.

The state Energy Commission is funding about 100 more over the next several years. Gas stations are ideal for hydrogen because vehicles can fuel in about five minutes, matching the time it takes to fill a car with gas.

Go to www.cafcp.org for a list of current stations. The proposed stations will be added to the map soon.

Q: Please lower my blood pressure by applying a dose of your hard-earned wisdom to my struggle with the DMV website. Right now, the score is DMV 5, me 0.

Jean Fiske, Walnut Creek

A: That’s not a good score.

Q: After receiving a letter from the DMV warning me to renew my driver’s license before it expires in January, I dutifully went to the website to start the renewal process and plunged in. After five attempts, I gave up on completing the application, then went to the appointments page to see when an appointment might be available.

Hah! No appointments are available at this time. So I tried the link to “Customer Service” and the link to “Contact Us.” Hah again! The links led me to “Oops! The page you’re looking for doesn’t exist anymore.”

The DMV letter tells me I can’t renew online, probably because I am over 70. The DMV software doesn’t seem to know that my driver’s license is also my REAL ID, so I’m very concerned that the ID doesn’t lapse. Should I just go to a DMV office and wait for as long as necessary to complete the application and get an appointment?

Jean Fiske

A: I contacted the DMV and matters got much better.

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