August 8, 2020

This Fully-Electric Land Rover Costs A Cool $185,000

This Fully-Electric Land Rover Costs A Cool $185,000

America has an intense love affair with SUVs, and not only modern ones, but retro machines that don’t offer luxuries such as park distance warning, or even airbags. But none of that matters when you get behind the wheel of one of these machines; its the raw driving experience that thrills, and keeps prices for cars such as Land Rover Defenders and old Ford Broncos sky high. With the slow creep of electrification at our doorsteps, some have started converting these old rides into eco-friendly electric vehicles, and no one does it better than Zero Labs, a company based California.

These guys are responsible for the first fully electric Ford Bronco, and one of its latest creations is this Land Rover Series III which gets all the luxuries and features of a modern car, an electric powertrain, and a supercar price tag.

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