May 8, 2020

Tamil Nadu News: DMK opposes draft Electricity Bill | Chennai News

Tamil Nadu News: DMK opposes draft Electricity Bill | Chennai News

M K Stalin

CHENNAI: DMK on Friday said the draft of the New Electricity Bill, which was released by the Centre on April 15, is against federalism of the country and is part of the Centre’s attempts take away state’s rights.
The Bill was introduced in Parliament in 2014.
In a statement, DMK president M K Stalin said the draft Bill was an attempt to stop free power to farmers and free 100 units to domestic consumers.
“The Bill proposes to provide the subsidy directly to farmers and domestic consumers, who get first 100 units free, but charge the power consumed by them and it is against federalism,” said Stalin.
“As per the Bill, states will lose power to appoint officials of the state electricity regulatory commissions. Above all, the Bill wants to set up an electricity contract enforcement authority having power of a civil court to settle disputes related to power purchase between discoms and generating companies,” said Stalin.
He warned the AIADMK government in Tamil Nadu to be alert and not to accept the Bill unlike in the case of Uday (Ujwal DISCOM Assurance Yojana). “The AIADMK government opposed the Uday scheme but finally it joined the scheme. The same must not happen in the case of the New Electricity Bill,” Stalin said.

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