October 13, 2020

Some Council members happy Electric Works project has a new deal

Some Council members happy Electric Works project has a new deal

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21)- The Redevelopment Commission approved a new deal for the Electric Works project Monday, pleasing at least two members on City Council.

“I think we’ve all worked together over the last few weeks and tried to figure out how we can make this a better deal a better package,” said Councilman Geoff Paddock.

The original Electric Works deal was terminated in early August by the commission. Commission President, Christopher Guerin was in favor of canceling the first deal.

“The Fort Wayne Redevelopment’s cancellation of the Economic Development Agreement on Aug. 3rd was not a mistake or misjudgment or worse as some have hinted,” Guerin said.

After the termination, Council members Glynn Hines and Tom Didier wanted answers from the commission and the mayor’s office.

The two proposed a resolution that would start an investigation into the cancellation. Now that there is a new deal Didier said he doesn’t believe they will move forward with the investigation.

“Right now we’re gonna ask to put on hold again and probably from my stand point hopefully we want need to pursue anything further because it sounds like everything has been worked out,” Didier said.

Guerin also said Councilman Hines should apologize for even wanting an investigation. Hines was absent from Tuesday night’s meeting but Didier said it was their responsibility to try to get answers.

“It’s our job as the Council to dot the i’s and cross the t’s we’re the ones that are watching the bank..so if we don’t see something stack up the way it’s supposed to we have the right to be able to do the things that need to get done,” Didier said.

Paddock was one of the three Council members who voted against the investigation. He says he didn’t see a need for it then and definitely doesn’t see a need now.

“As I said all along I think it was an honest difference of opinion and nothing nefarious or behind the scenes going on, all honorable people that perhaps had a different opinion and different way of doing business,” Paddock said.

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