January 23, 2021

Mitsubishi Electric Opens Office, Warehouse In Woburn

Mitsubishi Electric Opens Office, Warehouse In Woburn

WOBURN, MA — Mitsubishi Electric U.S. has opened a new office and warehouse space in Woburn, Cummings Properties said Friday.

The company’s elevator and escalator division moved into a 4,500-square-foot space on Gill Street.

The division recently moved into the area to support the two spiral escalators at the Encore Boston Harbor casino, as Mitsubishi is the only company that makes that type of escalator.

“We have since secured several other prominent projects in the region, which called for a well-positioned office/warehouse facility,” said Mike Eden, eastern region director of the elevator and escalator division.

Woburn’s proximity to Boston and Cummings’s large portfolio of space made it a good pick, Eden said.

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