August 1, 2020

Man survived electric shock meets officer who saved his life – Fort Wayne’s NBC

Man survived electric shock meets officer who saved his life – Fort Wayne's NBC

FORT WAYNE Ind. (Fort Wayne’s NBC) – Thursday June 25th Pablo Campos survived being electrocuted at a water pollution control plant in Fort Wayne. Saturday, he got the opportunity to say thank you to the Fort Wayne police officer and first responders who saved his life.  

“I do believe it was a miracle because unfortunately not a lot of people come out of what I just did,” Campos said. “The day of the accident, I do not remember anything whatsoever.” 

Campos was operating a crane at a worksite when it came in contact with some nearby power lines. It sent thousands of volts of electricity through his body. It stopped his heart.  

“It’s indescribable, I felt a bond like he was there for a reason, and god has a plan for everyone you know,” Campos said.  

Not only did Campos survive an electrocution, but doctors say he is looking at a full recovery. Campos says he is beyond grateful to still be alive. 

Saturday the family organized a welcome home party where Campos met with Officer Scott Lewis to say thank you. Lewis and first responders used a defibrillator and CPR to revive Campos on the day of the accident.  

“I really wanted to meet him, and know how he was doing,” Officer Lewis said. “It’s a great feeling to know you had a hand in doing what we did that day, knowing he can have a long life with his family.” 

Campos and Officer Lewis hugged and shared in their experience together on the day of the accident.  

“When something happens like this it reassures you that there’s a higher power and he’ looking over everybody and it wasn’t his time,” Officer Lewis said.  

Lewis said an hour before the accident a woman stopped him and said she felt compelled to pray for him. He says the woman did not know what he was about to face at the scene of the electrocution.  

Lewis and the Campos family say they want this woman to come forward so than can express how thankful they are for her prayers and her inspiration on that day.  

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