December 3, 2021

Low voltage electricity irks residents of Rangreth

Low voltage electricity irks residents of Rangreth

 Srinagar, Nov 23: Scores of residents from various colonies of city outskirts of Summer capital on Tuesday expressed resentment against the Power Development Department (PDD), and alleged that the department “is providing low voltage electricity to the area.” 


The residents of areas including the Kite colony, Sattar Colony, Kite highlands, Vawoosa Gogoo in Rangreth and the adjoining colonies alleged that they are “receiving very low voltage electricity, causing them inconvenience.”


“Due to the low voltage electricity, the studies of our children are getting affected,” they said. 


Basharat Ahmad, a local told Rising Kashmir, that they are facing immense hardships in absence of the proper voltage. He said they are paying electricity tariff bills regularly, but the department is not providing the voltage as per the schedule.


The aggrieved residents complained that the voltage is always too low. “There are several small factories and workshops in the locality,” they said, alleging that “these factories and workshops run their machines late into the night resulting in low voltage electricity to the residents.” 


“This is a residential area and any factory should have a separate utility line but these factories take up power from the local line which supplies electricity to our locality,” they said, adding, “We hardly get a voltage of more than 80 Volts. Also, the lines are old and crumbling, which also leads to loss of supply.


The residents have demanded the concerned department to provide separate lines to these units and demanded the replacement of old electricity poles and dangling wires.


Speaking to Rising Kashmir, Concerned Executive Engineer Manzoor Ahmad admitted the feeder 4 is facing low voltage, however, he said that the work on the “2×10 receiving station” at Humhama is going on and after its completion, people in the locality will not face the issue.


Ahmad added the electricity poles have been replaced in past in the locality. “The department will continue to improve where they feel there is a need for improvement,” he said. 







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