June 12, 2020

Kavlem electricity dept office roof leaking

Kavlem electricity dept office roof leaking

13 Jun 2020  |   06:29am IST

Kavlem electricity dept office roof leaking

Team Herald

PONDA: The Kavlem Electricity Department office is facing the brunt of the monsoon showers for not conducting the maintenance work resulting in roof top leaking causing inconvenience to the employees and the customers. 

The entire office floor is filled with rain water. The utensils kept on the floor to collect the leaking monsoon water make the movement difficult. The employees and customers visiting the office, too get wet, due to the leaking rain water. The roof tiles appear blown off due to heavy wind. 

The employees and customers said that the repairs of the roof top should be conducted immediately so that the employees working in the office can get relief from the problem.

Meanwhile, Borim and Talavalim Panchayats were also facing the leakage problems. 

Talavalim local, Adv Survesh Naik said, “It is difficult for the employees to work due to the leakage problem. Presently, plastic sheets are temporarily placed on the roof top to prevent leakages.” 

He said, “The government should also provide attention to the roofs and repairs of the panchayat offices too.” 

Meanwhile, the Borim locals said that as the repair work of the roof top was pending, the panchayat hall is also leaking.

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