September 27, 2020

Hurricane Sally victims thank utility workers with the “Electric Slide”

Hurricane Sally victims thank utility workers with the "Electric Slide"

FOLEY, Ala. (WKRG) — A group of Hurricane Sally survivors gathered at Heritage Park in Foley on Sunday to thank utility workers in a special way.

It’s been less than two weeks since Hurricane Sally made landfall on the Gulf Coast. In the wake of the storm, utility workers and lineman have been the unsung heroes. Residents along the gulf coast decided to say thanks in a special way.

The group gathered at Heritage Park in Foley to make a dance video to post online to show their appreciation. The dance? Of course, the Electric Slide. It all started with an idea on a community Facebook page and quickly came to life after the post gained some traction. The poster, Amy Kuplik said, “I posted something in what’s happening in Foley and said it would be really nice to get out and do the electric slide to say thank you to our lineman and all of the volunteers that are here. What was scheduled to take them three weeks to do they accomplished in around eight days and I was just so impressed with the way the community has come together.”

The dancers did a few practice runs and then it was time to show off their moves for the video. This fun day also boosted morale after a very hard two weeks, “It’s bringing morale to us as well because we have all kind of been in the dark and I just wanted to show what the spirit of the community is about,” Kuplik said.

That attitude shown through their dance moves, just like the lyrics of the song, “You can’t see it, you gotta feel it”, showing the resiliency of the Gulf Coast. One dancer Steve Wilson said, “We know how important it is for people to volunteer to take care of our neighbors and our cities and our nation, it’s a little thing we can do, but it’s also a big thing to those that receive the help.”


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