May 17, 2020

Generators damaged; electricity production in state reduced by 555.95 mw

Generators damaged; electricity production in state reduced by 555.95 mw

Thrissur: Since 12 generators are damaged, the state is not able to bring down the water level in dams. There is a shortage of 555.95 Megawatts of electricity production in the state per day.

Out of the 52 generators in Kerala, 12 are not functioning. Since the generators have not been working for the last three months, there is anxiety in having to open the dams if the rain intensifies in the region. If Idukki dam is opened, it will affect other dams below it.

Expecting rain, the water level in the dams should be brought to 10 percent by the end of May. In 2018, the water level was at 23.77 percent before the floods. There were allegations that poor dam management also resulted in the floods.

If all the generators are utilized at once, 1,938. 75 Megawatt can be produced. As of now, only 1,382.8 Megawatt of electricity is being generated. Most of these generators are either damaged or have been stopped for the annual renovation. The condition in Idukki dam is more serious. In order to reduce the water level,  all six generators in Moolamattom power house will have to work completely. Out of this six generators, two generators got damaged three months back and another one is undergoing maintenance work.

Out of the six generators in Pallivasal, only three functions properly. In Neryamangalam, two generators are damaged. One generator each from Sholayar, Peringalkoothu, Kuttiyadi, Shenkulam are also not functioning at the moment.

Water level in dams (2018 May to 2020 May)

Idukki-  25.22 41 feet

Sabarigiri-   25.56 22

Sholayar-  17.26 26

Idamalayar-  13.89 22

Kuttyadi-  36.19 32

Thariyodu- 10.12 19

Neryamangalam- 41.84 49

Peringalkoothu- 22.73 26

Lower Periyar- 74.51 69


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