July 5, 2020

Electric Bikes of Santa Barbara seeing surge in sales – KEYT

Electric Bikes of Santa Barbara seeing surge in sales - KEYT

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. — With State Street closed to cars, the electric bike business has experienced a surge in sales. 

On a typical weekend, it’s been quite common to spot hundreds of people pedaling around the temporary promenade.

At Electric Bikes of Santa Barbara on 1345 State Street, business has been booming throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“It quickly escalated into just an extreme volume of sales,” Electric Bikes of Santa Barbara Scott LaMoine owner said. “People wanted to get out and cycle.”

To prepare for the spike sales, LaMoine ordered three times the amount of bikes he usually would during this time of year. 

“Although this was a bit risky at first, it seemed worth it” LaMoine said. “We did buy a lot of bikes and now we’re fully stocked.”

Over the past four months, the locally owned shop has remained closed to public access.

Instead, customers can schedule private 45-minute consultations. 

“With appointment only, we can really focus on giving our customers a good experience,” LaMoine said. “We can really educate them on the bikes and how they work.”

One regular customer seemed to enjoy the intimate interaction while selecting his electric bike. 

“Scott’s is amazingly knowledgeable but also very intuitive about figuring you out,” Mark Watts said.

Each of their e-bikes are made in Europe, touting torque, cadence and speed sensors which give riders engagement while pedaling.

“Most of our customers are new to cycling,” LaMoine said. “They want to ride, pedal and get outside get some fresh air.”

“You’re just going further, you’re going faster and you’re getting to see more,” Watts said.

Every e-bike for sale in the shop can travel 30 to 60 miles between each charge.

“Thing about the e-bike, it’s actually a viable substitute for a car,” Watts said.

“In the last four months I have not used my car, gone through a tank of gas,”  Santa Barbara resident Bill Smart said. “I’m all on two wheels.”

As we navigate through these uncertain times, riding e-bikes is providing people with some much-needed fun.

“If you ride one, it will blow your mind,” LaMoine concluded. “It’s really a game-changer in cycling.”

To schedule an appointment at Electric Bikes of Santa Barbara, text 805-695-3027. 

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