May 14, 2020

Bull Cuts Power to 800 Homes After Scratching ‘Itchy Bum’ on Electricity Pole

Bull Cuts Power to 800 Homes After Scratching 'Itchy Bum' on Electricity Pole

Around 800 homes were left without power during coronavirus lockdown when a bull scratched his backside against an electricity pole.

Four-year-old Ron was said to be trying to relieve an itch when he knocked a generator off a telegraph pole at his farm in the Scottish town of Chapelton.

Though he escaped an 11,000 volt shock from the tumbling cables, it left homes in three nearby villages in South Lanarkshire without electricity.

His owner posted on a local Facebook page to apologise for power cuts on the animal’s behalf. ‘He had an itchy bum so scratched it on the electricity pole and knocked the transformer box off,’ Hazel Laughton wrote.

‘He’s just happy to be alive this morning after somehow escaping 11,000 volts and a large bump on the head.’

‘Think we will rename him Sparky!’

Hazel said there had been an ‘amazing’ response to the post, with everyone taking it in good humour.

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