August 15, 2020

Brothers miraculously recover from an electric shock incident in Cass County

Brothers miraculously recover from an electric shock incident in Cass County

CASS COUNTY, Mich. (WNDU) – Brothers Austin and Lane Francis miraculously recovered from an electric shock incident three weeks ago.

On July 25, the brothers were preparing for a memorial service for their dad who recently passed away from cancer.

“We were setting up a sailboat because he was a big sailor, and we wanted the sailboat to be a part of the memorial service….We had this thing where a lot of people called him dad, so all those kids who called him dad were going to come out and raise the sail on the sailboat,” Francis said.

As they were moving the sailboat, neither of them saw the power line.

“We were electrocuted, died at the scene, and thankfully we had a mom and a sister-in-law who were nurses and performed CPR,” Francis said.

“When I was in the moment of doing CPR on my youngest son, and thinking I could be losing both my sons and I just lost my husband, I just verbally prayed out loud that God would do a miracle here and to save my boys. That he would be exalted through this,” said mother Janet Francis Reid.

They were taken to Memorial Hospital, but were eventually airlifted to Fort Wayne.

They later learned that 7,200 volts of electricity went through them.

For Janet, seeing her boys in critical condition brought back painful memories.

“Looking at my two sons in the same place that my husband was was very traumatic, but again, I just had to trust God and know he had them in his arms,” she said.

Janet took to social media, asking for prayers.

Just days after the incident, the Francis brothers started to make improvements.

“My first response once everything settled was ‘Okay, what do I need to do to get out of here?‘” Francis said.

The fact that they both survived is miraculous.

Life is getting back to normal for the two brothers.

Austin is coaching soccer and is back to work.

“I’m not one to sit still. God’s giving me life and I want to continue to live it to the fullest,” Francis said.

Lane just started online classes and plans to go sailing again soon.

“I feel great. I don’t know what the doctor is saying, but feet are a little burnt. Got a nasty bald spot. I think that’s my worst injury, but hopefully it will heal up and I’ll have some hair pretty soon, Lane said.

The two brothers have follow-up appointments soon, and said they think they will get off their medications sooner than later.

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