February 26, 2021

Benefits Of Electric Vehicles – Letter | Bourne Opinion

Benefits Of Electric Vehicles - Letter | Bourne Opinion

Consider what you do not buy when you buy an electric vehicle: radiator, engine, oil pump, water pump, gas pump, transmission, drive shaft, rear differential, catalytic converter, muffler and exhaust pipe.

Also eliminated are the associated fluids: water, antifreeze and oil.

EV motors have fewer moving parts to break compared with gas-powered engines. EVs use regenerative braking, which reduces wear.

Electric car owners are experiencing lower maintenance costs and far fewer trips back to the dealer or garage. Speaking from experience, I’ve needed no maintenance and have replaced only tires, the 12-volt battery, cabin air filter and wiper blades.

EV owners are close to getting back to self-maintenance. It is conceivable they could produce their own fuel. Public charge ports are more numerous and still unmetered. In recent news, Ford and GM have made pretty big promises regarding electrification over the next decade or two.

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