August 7, 2020

63K+ Westchester Electricity Customers Still Waiting For Power

63K+ Westchester Electricity Customers Still Waiting For Power

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY — At the end of the third day after Tropical Storm Isaias there are still almost 55,000 Con Ed customers waiting for the power to come back on in Westchester, as of 6:30 p.m. That is down from 62,000 at noon.

That progress is not good enough for County Executive George Latimer. At a news conference Friday, he said there is an unwillingness of local utility companies to share needed information with either local governments or the public.

It wasn’t until Friday afternoon that Con Ed updated estimated restoration times for some communities on its outage website from 11 p.m. Monday to 11 p.m. Sunday.

“We must know, after the first day of assessment, every single incident where there is a tree down that has taken down wires, that information has to be categorized and it has to be easily accessible for anyone who wants to see it, both the public and the municipal governments,” Latimer said. “That cannot become information that is being held close to the vest by the utility company. This becomes the universe of problems that need to be addressed.”

Additionally, he called for the creation of a utility response corps that could be called on in advance of a weather event that might impact the electrical grid. He also said the county would do a study of the cost of burying utility lines in Westchester.

The top five communities with outages are New Rochelle with 5,530; Yonkers, 4,982; village of Mamaroneck, 3,644; Greenburgh, 3.640 and New Castle, 3,192.

The number for other Westchester communities can be found here.

There are still more than 8,500 NYSEG customers in Westchester County without power as of 6:45 p.m. Friday.

Here are the hardest hit locations (current/earlier Friday):

  • Bedford: 2,781/6,685
  • Lewisboro: 2,437/5,530
  • North Salem: 1,352/2,513
  • Pound Ridge: 441/2,368
  • Somers: 992/9,609
  • Yorktown: 519/6,530

To check for estimated restoration times, go to the NYSEG outage website.

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY — While Con Edison’s outage summary continues to say that power to all Westchester customers is estimated to be restored by 11 p.m. Monday, a news release posted on its website stated that the “vast majority of customers are expected to be restored by end of day, Sunday, August 9, thanks to the enormity of the workforce assigned to the job and the around-the-clock schedule.”

The public utility then said the “remaining customers will get service back early next week.”

Con Ed’s outage summary said, as of 12:30 p.m. Friday, that more than 62,000 customers were without electricity. Tropical Storm Isaias tore through the county Monday, bringing down trees and power lines.

Yonkers still remains hardest hit, with more than 6,300 customers, followed by New Rochelle with 4,900 and Greenburgh with 4,000.

To check your community, go to the Con Ed outage map here.

Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner, who has been without electricity at his home since Tuesday, said that Con Ed indicated during a conference call Friday that more contractors were headed to NY from out of state, having flown in resources for the first time.

He suggests, since Con Ed didn’t have contractors in place before the storm, giving the governor the authority to hire outside contractors — who would be paid by Con Ed — in advance of every storm.

Feiner also said that residents should be reimbursed for damaged or spoiled food.

“They indicated people should complete a claim form on the Con Ed website,” he said. “They said that after the last storm and people were denied. I think the State Legislature should mandate that Con Ed reimburse for damaged food after a storm.”

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There are still more than 11,300 NYSEG customers in Westchester County without power as of 12:45 p.m. Friday.

Here are the hardest hit locations:

  • Bedford: 6,685
  • Lewisboro: 5,530
  • North Salem: 2,513
  • Pound Ridge: 2,368
  • Somers: 9.609
  • Yorktown: 6,530

To check for estimated restoration times, go to the NYSEG outage website.

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